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Multiple Teams · 2015 Softball Rebuilding Year

Mustang Softball is rebuilding a program of winning! There have been several factors that are leading the transition back into competition in the OK Silver Conference, but first there should be a start!

Evie Culver "pitching" to be her best!
Evie Culver “pitching” to be her best!

Spring is a very busy season for girl’s sports. Softball did not attract the numbers to support a team. Last year NorthPointe softball was a club with practices and an occasional game. This year Wellspring Prep contacted NorthPointe with players who wanted to join our squad. Their support has given the team enough players to move forward with a full schedule of games, practices and two outstanding coaches.

Head Coach Molly Chesbro comes to NorthPointe with eight years of college coaching experience. She owns and operates PowerlineSoftball, a softball training company that does personal, group and Summer camps.

Assistant Coach Paula Maloley comes to NorthPointe with 28 years of head coaching at Grand Rapids Community College. Coach P loves the game, loves the girls and loves to smile!

Five girls played softball in the past. The focused training by the Coaches has given the team the instruction to win two games so far. Parents are seeing weekly progress in the game skills personally and as a team. As you can see from the photos in the gallery (See April 30, softball) there are good plays coming from the plate and fielding skills. Amazing to think that a few weeks ago most of this team had little idea what to do with that neon globe!

Come and support the NorthPointe Softball team! Your cheers help the season develop into a special moment for the team, NorthPointe and you!

Getting better every game
Getting better every game
Covering third base with style and grit!
Covering third base with style and grit!